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Dinosaur Counter Attack is an application launched on for IOS and Android. You can visit the Play Store link here.

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Dinosaur Counter Attack - Rediscover the lost world of Dinosaurs and experience the thrill of being the most dynamic Dino in the real 3D environment. Hunt the most ferocious animals to survive the wildness till the end. Prepare your rifle to destroy huge containers, to blast oil tankers, knock down buildings and everything that comes your way for even greater rewards! Don't forget to use your earned coins to buy the Robust Shield to protect yourself from deadliest attacks.

Explore multiple levels in Dinosaur Counter Attack with various ferocious animals like Lion, Hippo, Tiger, Rhino and many more to chase and shoot. Sometimes the animals might attack you back so always be alert!! Load up on firepower with a destructive weapon like Flamer - attached to the head of the Dino to burn everything that comes your way!! Unlock and play various Dinosaurs to become the strongest to fight.
Play and level up to be an expert and enjoy one of the top free simulation games on your mobile!!! Run, fight and have fun in this new Dinosaur Counter Attack game!!!

Dinosaur Counter Attack Features:

15 gigantic 3D Dinosaurs with realistic movements
New and challenging game play
20 interesting levels and more to come
Distinct 3D environment
Introducing Robust Shield to Protect yourself from enemies

DOWNLOAD for PC (Windows) DOWNLOAD for MAC (Free)

Download Dinosaur Counter Attack for PC (& Mac)

Few mobile apps have their own PC and Mac software. But for many of them, you have to use an Android Emulator (like Bluestacks, XePlayer or Nox Player) to use Dinosaur Counter Attack on pc or Dinosaur Counter Attack on mac.
Here are the few steps to download and use Dinosaur Counter Attack on PC/Mac :

  • Step 1 : download bluestacks (this is an android emulator) here : link to download bluestacks.
  • Step 2 : install bluestacks.
  • Step 3 : start/launch Bluestacks.
  • Step 4 : seach for Dinosaur Counter Attack on the play store.
  • Step 5 : install Dinosaur Counter Attack and start the app.
  • STep 6 : you can now use Dinosaur Counter Attack on PC and Mac.

DOWNLOAD for PC (Windows) DOWNLOAD for MAC (Free)

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DOWNLOAD for PC (Windows) DOWNLOAD for MAC (Free)

Dinosaur Counter Attack‘s features

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  • Author : [email protected]
  • Categorie(s) : Million games – Action
  • Rating : 3.9
  • Last update : March 5, 2019
  • Size (apk) : 59M
  • Downloads : 100,000
  • Current version : 1.3
  • Last update changes :
    Improved game play.
    Thank you for the support